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Benefits Of Owning Cats As ESAs

Research has shown that if you undergo an emotional or psychological disorder then having an emotional support dog certification or cat certification pet can assist you in overcoming the symptoms and can make your life easier and happier. 

Emotional support animals whether the dogs, cats, or any other animals can help you soothe your anxiety, depression, and stress. They also support you in social situations and be with you as your ultimate companion. 

Cats and dogs are known as the most intelligent and incredible emotional support animals for numerous reasons. But some people are allergic to animals. If you’re one of them then read on to find the best emotional support animal for yourself. 

There are several hypoallergenic cats that can make perfect emotional support animals. Owning an emotional support cat provides you great comfort and a sense of pleasure. But some people obtain serious allergies from cats and most of the time people think that their fur is the main reason and yes, it can be but there is another strong reason as well. 

The support animal letter Cats discharge protein from their skin and saliva which mostly becomes the cause of allergy. There are two different proteins: Fel d4 in the saliva and Fel d1 secretes from the skin. 

Taking this into consideration, below are some best hypoallergenic cat breeds that can be the best for people with allergies. You can select any of them according to your own particular condition. 


Oriental cats have a very short and fine coat that hardly sheds at all, so the hair fall problem can be avoided and it is contrary to trap saliva. However, you should brush your cat to reduce the further risk of hair fall. They have a smooth coat that makes them very pleasing and beautiful cats that actually assist you to reduce anxiety and stress. 


An emotional support letter Balinese cats are like Russian Blues and their skin produces less Fel d1. They can make brilliant emotional support cats especially when you’re living in a family as they’re quite friendly, affectionate, fun-loving, and can easily make bonds with their owners and other family members of the house. 


Sphynx cats are quite different, especially in their looks. They do not have fur that can make them suitable for people who have allergies from cat hairs. Therefore, their saliva does not get trapped in their fur. So, they come with double benefits plus they’re unique by nature and looks and can make superb emotional support animals. 

Russian Blue

These ESA letter for housing cats are amazing and fortunately enlists in hypoallergenic breeds. Their lovely coat doesn’t have any special hypoallergenic qualities but the good thing is that they discharge less Fel d1 protein. People who are more allergic to fur should go for Russian blue cats. They make very good house cats and are slightly more independent than other cats. 

Cornish Rex

The Cornish rex has an unusual trait that makes it a perfect choice if you want the best and furless emotional support animal cat. They’re less popular breeds. The Cornish Rex has hair just on her bottom. This makes them soft to touch and cuddle and these cats surely assist their holders to reduce the anxiety levels.

Well, the above-mentioned cats have been serving humans, especially with allergies to lessen their symptoms of emotional or mental disorders. These cats are also suitable for small living places but you need to make sure that you have an ESA letter if you want to bring your cat home. 
Most of the houses come with no-pet housing policies. Therefore, you can not bring your pet in the house but if you have a legal emotional support animal letter then you can get the benefits of living and fly with your ESA.

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